Monday, May 13, 2019

A few pics from Easter.  This is definitely not everyone, but there were a few we could catch.  Enjoy!

Aaron and Abram Owens

Jonathan (Bub) and Danielle Owens
(Youth Pastors)

Amber Lee, Little Roy & Addilyn Thomas

Patsy & Roy Thomas with Granddaughter, Addilyn Thomas

Baby Caroline Jubilee Maxie

Tammy and Brandon Smith with Granddaughter, Haizlee Maxie

Dwayne, Ashley, Parker & Paisley Barrett

Bub Owens and Josh Maxie

Donnie, Regina, Ava, Isaiah & Cassie Stevens

Hannah Stevens and Baby Ella Duff

Hope Stevens

Peyton, Hannah, Candon, Brad & Hope Stevens

Khloe and Carl Butler

Martha, Little Tommy and Khloe Butler

Kylee & Tasha Roberts and Hope Stevens

Tasha, Chris, Kylee & Tucker Roberts

Lucas Allen, Bub Owens and Bradyn Garrett

Michael, Brandy, Reed, Saylor Rose & Emery Kate Davidson
Savannah & Liam Napier (in background)

Savannah and Baby Liam Napier

A Few Good Men of the COGWC

Lucas Allen, Kylee Roberts, Brianna Mason, Hannah Stevens & Bradyn Garrett

Vicki and Joey Burns with Daughter, Deidra Burns

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